Sending an item id to backend when item is created

Hello all,
I’m currently building a custom integration with Slack. I’m attempting to send the id of an item to my backend when the item is created on my board to then further use in a message I send on Slack through the backend.
I’m using the native “When item is created…” trigger to track when an item is created, and I’m pairing it with a custom action that is supposed to get the id of the user that created the item as well as the item id.
I’m not sure how I can actually get the id of the item and send it to my backend—I’ve tried configuring this in the recipe, but it just sends

inputFields: { name: '{}', userId: xxxxxxxxx },

where the userId is successfully sent in the payload. Is there any way I can configure this custom action in workflow blocks such that it will send off the id of the item as well? I was going to send a query to the monday API to get the name of the item once I had the id.


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If you use the built-in trigger “When an item is created” and a custom action, you can pass the ID of the item that was created by adding a input field in the custom action.

The input field would be of the field type “Item” and the source would be “Trigger output”.

You will then see the item ID in the payload sent to your Run URL like this:
inputFields: { itemId: 1234567890 }