Sending back status other then 200

I did some debugging because of an issue and found out that if my backend (using an integration) is sending 401 or 403 status back to a request from a custom action, the request is send again and again. Is this expected behavior?

Hey @basdebruin - let me check in with the team and see what/if the retry policy on this would be.

In the meanwhile could you shed some light on what the scenario would be when the integration returns a 401 or 403 status back?


hi @dsilva

I discovered (and that is confirmed by @AlexSavchuk) that when receiving a request from a custom action responding with anything other than 200 status will result in numerous retries from your side. Does not matter if I throw a 401 or a 403. Alex confirmed this and is discussing this with development. I asked Alex to implement also 402 (Payment required) in such a way that the user gets the famous red error bar with either a default text “Payment required, please contact your vendor” or the JSON error text supplied. So, when I send:

res.status(402).json({ error: "Payment required, please visit" }

the text “Payment required, please visit” would popup in the error bar on top of the page. Implementing this will give far better control and less calls / mails / posts with questions and concerns form our customers (both to and to the app developers).

Today I also reached out to Alex what happens when I respond with e.g. 405 (Method not Allowed) during the (un)subscribe request from a custom trigger. Will that also lead to multiple retries or will you just “shut up” :slight_smile:. During the subscribe event of a custom trigger the backend might conclude that the give combination of fields in the recipe is not acceptable. In that case I do send a in-system notification and currently respond with a 200. A 405 would be much better.

Many thanks for reaching out to development on this matter.

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