Sending from Multiple Users with Email Integration


The Rundown
We’re a small (read: 2 person) design studio. We break our process into groups, then weekly sprints with tasks. Generally we have one POC on the client side that we work with. On our end we both will communicate with that POC. That is a mix of unique and canned messages.

There’s several points where we need to communicate with our client with canned emails. Examples being onboarding to Monday for collaboration, we just posted a proof for them and are providing an Ashore link for it, or informing them of the next step. I’ve got those set in a test bed to fire correctly when we mark certain pulses as done, so no issues there. We’ve also got replies set to come into the pulse which is awesome!

When the integration fires it’s always sent from me, despite which of us was the one to mark it as such.

The Question
Given that we both are involved with each client, is it possible to set it up so that the email comes from whomever changed the status to fire the automation?

The Truth of It
I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to do this in most cases. We may not even want to do it in the end, but I had to ask if it was a thing.



Not 100% possible but after playing with a few things on my end I found a workaround assuming that both, you and your colleague, have different e-mail addresses.

  1. You need to create the integration on your account using your e-mail address and your colleague has to do the same on his/her account using their e-mail address.

  2. After this has been done, each person will have to toggle the status of the other person off if they want the e-mail to originate from their e-mail address.

  3. In the event someone forgets to switch the integration off, your item’s updates section will show both e=mails but the recipient may get the e-mail from either email address or both - the behavior varies.

The one drawback I see from this workaround is the fact that users will have to remember to toggle an integration on/off, which I am sure will be forgotten frequently and it also reduces the ability to work simultaneously.

It’d definitely be a cool thing to consider in the future to improve customer management functionalities.

Thanks for replying! I had a feeling that was the workaround. Like I said, I know we are likely more an exception to the norm for this specific use case. Thinking about it more though I could see where this could be useful for other use cases as well.

In my perfect world the automation would be something like:

When Status changes to Done, send an email to Email from Email.

The from could then be:

  • Specified Email - this could be a public catchall account with an example being
  • Specified User - Single company user like the project manager
  • User who updates column - If I updated it would come from me, if my partner did it would come from her

This would, in theory, allow for automations to be created that then don’t need anyone to go in and adjust when applying it to a new board.

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Thanks for expanding a bit more!

Your idea seems awesome and I’d love to pass it along. I do see how this can help CRM use cases and also expand the usability of the e-mail integration.