Sending multiple files from the selected files columns via Integromat

Hi Monday Community,

I am trying to figure out how to send files from the multiple file columns via Integromat.

The below is how my boards look like.

The goals that I want to achieve is,

  1. Once webhook triggers,
  2. Get an item on my board
  3. Select Multiple pdf files from the ‘selected’ columns on the board
  4. Download via HTTP module
  5. Sending as “1” email attachment to my client

I’m stuck at No. 3 where I cannot figure out how to select only the columns that I want.
Right now, I have to send all the files from all the file columns in the email.
Need your thoughtful assistance on this.
Many thanks in advance.

Hello @EugeneKim !

I am not sure about how to achieve this using Integromat. I hope someone here has experience using that platform to help you out!

In the meantime, I recommend contacting Integromat directly to ask if this is possible using their platform, and if not, maybe they can offer you a workaround for it. Since this is related to Integromat, they will probably have the most complete answer about it.

If you have any questions regarding the flow on Monday’s side, please do not hesitate to contact us!



There are two options:

  1. Compare the assets against the values of the file columns that you want filtering so that you only deal with those files that you want.
  2. (The method I would recommend) Use an HTTP module to call the monday API directly, using the column ID parameter of the assets to get what you want. Something along the lines of:
  boards(ids: 123456778) {
    items {
      assets(column_ids: raw_video) {

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