Separate Notification Subject from Content

I have a notification that lets a client know that an item needs approval. the problem is that my clients will get easily confused by unclear communications. Is there a way to separate the subject line from the contents of the request?

Example: I change the status of an item to say “Requires Approval”
I have a person identified as “Subject Matter Expert” attached to an item
I’d like to send them a notification that explains:

Subject: Approval Requested for { Some item }


Client, I need you to do this for this specific request.

The way that the notifications are set up, is that the entire content of the notification is included in the subject line and it makes things confusing for the recipient.

U can make a notification say anything you want, however you want it. The only thing notification we don’t have control over is when assigning a person unfortunately. In my opinion you should not receive a notification when assigned to a pulse because if we wanted that we have the ability to make our own notification so it doesn’t make sense to me. But to your point u can do what you asking by building out the notification within the automation panel.

I might be doing something incorrectly, so maybe you can help. When I fill out the notification field in the automation, the entire contents are included in the subject line.

Can you provide a screenshot of the columns and tell give me a real example. That will help me understand exactly what you’re wanting to do