Separating Contacts column into First and Last name


We set up a Contacts board as part of the Basic CRMs feature. Is there a way to separate the contact column - someone’s full name - into a First and Last name column through an automation? Thank you!

Hi! As outlined in this post, you can separate them through two formula columns.

The first column should contain this formula:

LEFT({Name}, SEARCH(" ", {Name})-1)

And the second column should contain this one:

RIGHT({Name}, LEN({Name})- SEARCH(" ", {Name}))

Thank you! Is there a way to adjust the formula to capture middle names or first names with two names?

@JCorrell Hi ! I saw some other formulas you wrote on other threads, but none of those worked.

We need a last name - with only the last name, is there a way to do this? Currently in this snip: RIGHT({Name}, LEN({Name})- SEARCH(" ", {Name})) is the Claimant last name - but as you can see it shows everything to the right of the first name. I tried ones from this thread too and they did not work: First name, Last Name Split in first column. Would you be able to help?


Try this:


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Hi Jim, this works perfectly!! Thank you so much for your assistance! :+1:

Hi Jim, This is very helpful. How do I reverse this formula to capture the first name of the contact?

Thank you!!!

Hi Jim,
I figured it out!!



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LOL same timing…Thank you! Only to find out I can’t use a formula in an automation :frowning:

All I’ve been trying to do is respond to customers inbound email “request for information” with their first name…, (I thought this formula would do it)


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Hi I am in a similar situation.

I have the CRM as well and under the contacts I want the first name as an option when using the email fields so that we can be less formal with our known clients.

How do I use the formula in the email feature?