Serving my app from (deploy via upload) not working correctly

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So I have this strange problem: if I deploy my app from an URL and publish it, everything works correctly. If I upload a ZIP file via the form and serve that version from the cdn, it doesn’t render properly. As far as I can tell the files are being loaded correctly, but the app is not rendering.

Serving the application from other providers, like Netlify works without problems.

I have a suspicion it has something to do with React Router, which I use and which creates routes like /route1, /route2 etc, which need to be rewritten to index.html.

I’m not sure if the default behaviour should be rewriting all and any URLs to index.html, but my feeling tells me yes, since it’s expected that applications should be SPAs.

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Hey @kioleanu - that’s an odd one for sure. Let me check in with the team on this and get back to you.


Have you tried using hashrouter instead of browserrouter? Don’t know what you’re doing but if your urls look like that, it could be choking on the history API.

That is unlikely. The app is working correctly on multiple other servers. The only thing that changes is from where the files are served

it worked for this user

what does your generated url look like?

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