Set a date on x days from now on creation

When I create a ticket with an automation on a time period, I can only set the date on a static predefined date. (This is the case for all kinds of Ticket creation, but in my specific case I would need it there)
That is not really useful in my opinion.
As a workaround, you can set all new tickets on e.g. 4 days in the future with a second automation (like suggested from the support), but that would be the case for ALL new tickets not only for the tickets created by the automation.

I would love to have the choice on the ticket creation to set the date on a time period from now.

That would already be possible if you would be able to use the “set due date to current date plus some days” function in the custom automations in combination with time periods. That way I could create an automation like “Every time period create a ticket and set due date to current date plus some days”.