Set an artificial date on the account level for a training environment

Hi everyone. I’m a new user here (first post) and I’m trying to set up an artificial date for a sort of “training” environment.

Use case: I run a startup that organizes purchase information for furniture showrooms and interior designers. I need to track a variety of dates, like the date the supplier has shipped a product, the date a product is ready to be delivered to the customer, deadlines for staff members, etc.

I would like to be able to set the date to permanently be “December 23rd.”

The reason why I would like to have a permanent date is because I would like to be able to have deadlines, calendars, and automations act as though the date is static, as opposed to changing.

Thanks in advance!

hi @Bastouri

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I don’t fully understand your question. If you enter a date in a date column it will be “static”. The data will not change unless it is changed by a user or automation.

Thanks for your response!

I’m referencing the actual day that believes it presently is at any given moment.

For example, today is January 2nd, but I would like to think it’s December 23rd in order for me to more effectively train users.

I’m not very hopeful that this can be done, in which case I will probably set up a variety of automations to push the column dates forward once every week.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time to respond

Hello @Bastouri and welcome to the Community!

This is Shiran Mund from

If you would like to change the date in the account level, this is unfortunately not possible.

However, if you use a template board for the training purpose, you can set the date of the item/s in your template to be December 23rd, or set a default value for all the new items with this date.
The date on your template board will remain as you defined it, and will not be changed according to the actual date on which the template board has been used.

Hope this solves your issue.


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