Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards)

Update: I am excited to share that the ability to set board as a master board is currently in Alpha mode. Our team is testing the features and still making final tweaks and changes and will be released beta mode soon. The ability should be available for use in the coming months so stay tuned and make sure your notifications for this post are turned on! Our community will be the first to try out the top requested features, so make sure your notifications are turned on :slight_smile:


Hi Yadira! While the first post was in 2020, we launched our official feature request process just a few months ago. To see the last update click on the highlighted update underneath the first post and see when the last update was posted. We post updates to the top votes features every quarter and just added many more features to the roadmap.

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Do we need to join somewhere for the Beta version?

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How long are items generally in beta mode. Is a release to enterprise accounts this month realistic?

Is it still going to be only for enterprise accounts?

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Also mirroring Jake’s question about if this will available for non-Enterprise accounts?

Not to be toooo needy, but also is there any update on when the expected release might be @Julietteb? :smiley:

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Here it is really needed for a Pro customer!..

Hello @Julietteb ,
Do you have news about this feature?
Is it on beta version?
Is it possible to test it?
Thank you.


When will this be coming? This feature would be amazing.


Hi @Julietteb,
Status on this one? Are we there soon?

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@Julietteb Indeed, is there any news?

@Julietteb, any news with this feature?

@Julietteb The lack of updates here has been frustrating