Set Up Suggestions - HELP!

Long story short. My company gets contracted by Record Labels to promote new music to hundreds of radio stations. At times we have 5-10 tracks being worked to radio stations at the same time.

What I’m trying to create is the following (I need ideas or 2nd pair of eyes on it):

  • A “Targets” list that is populated automatically at the beginning of the week for the individual projects. To keep detailed notes on where the specific track is standing in relationship to their radio campaign.

  • A “Master” contacts list that contains every contact detail pertaining to the radio stations

  • A breakdown of phases throughout each campaign. (ex. Phase 1 - 4wks | Here’s what needs to happen. Phase 2 - 4wks Here’s what needs to happen…)

  • Finally, a master list that auto-populates itself to tell me what tracks I’m going to be talking about with a particular radio station. This varies because of the amount of traffic.

I am trying to avoid having to click through many different boards, to write down in a notebook which clients I’m needing to be talking about, in relation to that specific station.

Hi @ShoPro! Welcome to the community!

Happy to help with your workflow.

Would you send us some screenshots of what you’ve got built out so far? Would love to take a look and brainstorm on how to optimize.

As far as the Master contacts list, we’ve got a really great template for that you can find under the HR field when you create a brand new board and choose a template - the name of the template is Employee Directory, and it can easily be tweaked to fit your need here.

In regard to our master list for telling you what tracks to discuss with each station; what do you use to manage this at present? I’m very curious to learn more about how you’ve accomplished this so far, so I can brainstorm ways to adapt our platform to this purpose.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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