Setting a Mandatory Workflow

Hey all,

Our company is using as a CRM, and we’re looking to make certain fields mandatory before moving on to the next step/status. Is there a way to set a mandatory sequence that statuses need to be marked and fields that need to be filled before a status can be changed?

For example, an open opportunity shouldn’t be able to be marked as “contracting” if we haven’t collected information to fill out the contract. All of that information exists as fields in our CRM, but we don’t have a way to make sure that those columns are filled out before the status column changes. There are multiple examples like this, and ideally we’d make the “happy path” the only path.

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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Hey Gregory! :wave:

While there isn’t a way to set a mandatory path just yet, we love this idea and will be passing it onto our product team! In the meantime, we have a couple ideas for workarounds you could use!

First, you could use column permissions or board permissions to limit what people can edit so that other status columns are not changed randomly. You could also automate the “contracting” status column to be set to “working on it” whenever all the information is collected to fill out the contract.

For example, the automation could look like this, “When Status 1 changes (when column changes), and only if Status 1 is ‘Done’, set Status 2 to ‘Working on it’”.

This allows you to visually show the path, even if you cannot determine the order in which status columns are changed.

It might also be worth setting up a notification automation when Status 2 changes but Status 1 is not done to remind the person assigned to the task that things are out of order.

The automation recipe for that could look like this: “When Status 2 changes to anything, and only if Status 1 is not ‘Done’, notify Person”.

In the example above, “Person” represents the People Column where team members are assigned to items.

Let us know what you think of these ideas! Hopefully they can help provide more structure in the meantime! :blush:

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Any update as to Monday upgrades or apps that better align to this need? I have the exact same use case and would prefer to set a simple mandatory rule on columns vs. creating automations for each one. thanks!