Setting dates based on selection(s)

Is there an automation that would allow me to create selections/tags that my team could choose which would then set a date range?

Our team breaks up our projects into 3 month time periods with dates that don’t fit easily into the regular calendar. What I want is a way for the team to choose 1 or more tags that will populate the timeline based on their selection. For instance…

phase 1 = Nov 2-8
phase 2 = Nov 9-15
phase 3 = Nov 16-22

team member selects phase 1 + phase 2. The timeline will show Nov 2 -15.

Is there a way to show those phases in the gantt or timeline view using those dates/labels?

Hey Natalie!

It sounds like perhaps the dependencies feature would work really well for this since Phase 2 always begins after Phase 1 and Phase 3 begins after Phase 2 and the amount of days in the phases are static.

Have you tried setting up a dependency automation?