Setting milestone dates based on the launch date

Hi, I am trying to find a solution to one of the biggest problems I have with using monday. I have many projects that run multiple times a year, same milestones, same owner. I currently have an excel file that uses formulas that automatically populates all the dates in my schedule when I put in the launch date. This formula is based on weeks out from the launch and a template that I used when I used Wrike. So I can easily populate my dates in my excel file each time the program runs and then I have to manually add those to the same schedule in monday. Is there a way to set one date in a monday schedule that will autopopulate the remaining dates based on weeks out?

hi @jennistrong34

Our partner Work Perfect, contact @Kimb, is launching an app that works like Wrike. You can have a complete schedule in a template and just change the starting date (anchor), all dependencies will populate the correct dates (skipping weekends) for all items in the dependency chain.

That would be amazing! Thank you so much. Is this app launched already?

@kimb has all the details

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Hi @jennistrong34 please email me at We are launching the app very soon : )