Setting recurring automations from specific dates

Hi all,

For my use, it would be incredibly helpful if I could create an automation that has the capacity to notify several specific people when a certain amount of time has passed after the full completion of all statuses of a group.

I’m working in manufacturing, and currently working on some testing for our products. Our goal is to have certain projects running over long amounts of time where we would test something and then, once that is completed, repeat recurring experiments every “six months” from a specific date (for some projects, the time frame may not be six months, it may be 3 months or a year).

We have the boards made for each project, but once we complete these projects we need a way to have an automatic notification sent to specific people that “allotted amount of time has passed since completion, prepare to repeat testing”.

We project that we will have many projects that all begin and end at different times, so handling this manually would be very challenging.

I wonder if any of you have some workarounds for something similar. Please let me know!