Share aggregated status on shareable parent board

I’ve been trying to provide our client visibility of our projects, but without giving them the detail that we need internally. As such I’ve got a shareable “customer-facing” board which then links to per-project boards. I have mirror columns to show the aggregated status, estimate and time spent on the customer-facing board. This looks great until I invite a guest and they can’t see the status, presumably because that data comes from non-shareable boards. Is there any way to make this status available to guests?

Here’s an example of what we’ve setup for the parent / customer-facing board:

And the child board:

hi @tcmarimosa

There is an app on the marketplace called Rollup Multiple Boards. It can be found at Apps Marketplace

Although it is a totally different approach from using mirror columns it has a number of advantages. One of those advantages is beneficial to your use case.

  • detail boards are created from a status change in the high level board and automatically the item in the high level board is connected to the detail board
  • aggregated values in high level board are real columns (no mirrors)
  • you can use automation based on the aggregated values
  • you can share the board without a need to give access to detail boards
  • new items in detail boards are automatically part of the aggregation
  • items in the detail boards can be filtered (e.g. to differnentiate between costs and reimbursable costs)
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Thanks, I’ll check that out.