Share Board w/ Link - Can't view Subitems?

Hey @Connexall, @epmorris, @Kelderic, @ConsultantCoach, @danny.lugo, @mondaylearner it should be available now! We released it to 100% of non-Enterprise accounts 2 days ago. If it’s not working (or if you’re on Enterprise), please write to so we can help you there :blush: Otherwise, we’d be happy to gather any feedback here!

Can confirm, it’s working well. Thanks! Now if we just had ability to deeplink to specific items in the public view, everything would be perfect.

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Great! Passed on your feedback @Kelderic and this feature is now released to all Enterprise accounts as well :slight_smile: did something change with the feature that is preventing subitems from being able to be hidden from a shared view?

1 Like apologies if I missed this somewhere but is Monday looking to make updates viewable when you share a link?
Hi, currently we’re using this feature and it is working well! People with the link are able to view the subitems and information such as dates and the status of the subitem.
After some testing the feature is only working with the “table” view, which we have set as board default. Is it possible to use the feature in a shared calendar view as well? We would love to share the calendar view with subitems since we use it as a content planning in our communications department. If that’s possible, people who deliver content are able to track their posts easily and see its scheduled day/time.

Hi There seems to be no way to edit what is seen in the linked board. For example, I’d like to share a filtered version of my board with clients so they only see pertinent info to them. Can you please let me know if this feature is being added?