Share boards and view

Hi everybody,

We would like our team members to feed the time they spend on projects on a board and that they only see what they feed.
This time will be “replicated” on the projects boards that the project manager and project member will see.
The problem is : if I limit the view on the timesheet board, also limit it on the project board. Any idea to make this simple ?

Hi @Isham - the only way to limit visibility on a board so that users can only see what they submitted is if you are on Enterprise licensing and utilize the Item View Permissions. If you are not on ENT, you could setup a dynamic view which would show them only their submissions however they could always release the filter or choose a different view.

When you say data will be “replicated” on the project board, how are you completing this? Easiest way would be to use a connect board column and connect the time tracking to the project rather than replicating data between boards.

Hope this helps,

Thanks mark. I found “an average solution”.
I ask the persons to feed the project manager within a list (via status) and add it to the assignee.
Like that both can see it.
Not perfect but efficient.