Shared form link/pulse creator

We have developed a form to enter information to be added to a board/pulse. We have copied the form address via the “share form” and copy link functions. That link is has then been emailed to a number of people that will be doing the data entry. Here is the catch . . . When one of those users enters the info and submits the form, the board show the person that entered the form as the person that shared the form and not the person that entered the data. We would expect that the person doing the data entry and form submission would be considered the “Entered by” and not the person that supplied the link. This appears to be a glitch to us. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, this looks interesting to me,
the users that received the link are monday users?
it was completed via web or mobile app?

i have the same issue via mobile app.

Yes, all the users are Monday users. Both full users and guests. All of this was done through the web. (Mac and PC, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.)

I think this could happen when people are not logged on monday web app…
are you sure all users are logged on monday at the moment of filling this forms?