Sharing boards, items or pulses via email and read-only urls

I would like to see better sharing features. For example, would love to be able to select a board, group or pules and share them via email to a group. How would this work? Lets say I want to share several or all of the pulses in a group? I would select them and in the menu that appears at the bottom of the page where it gives options such as duplicate, export, archive, etc, there would be a sharing icon. I would click on the sharing icon and a box would appear that allows me to enter one or more email addresses in and those pulses are sent via email. Ideally, there would be a contact list available so I can create a group and would not have to enter multiple emails every time we want to send a pulse or board update by email. We would also love to be able to have a read-only link for a board so that we can share it with outside users.