Sharing Boards Within Organization

I want to share a board with Guests but I want to share that within my organization. How do we share a board with folks in our organization (domain ID) without having to add everyone into AD group for SSO?

Hi @PM-MCBOCC - and welcome to the community. If you want to share your board and have it read-only you can generate a URL for a specific board view by selecting the “…” menu on a view:


There are limitations as shown in the message below:

If editing is required and you are using SSO you will need to add the required users to the AD group as you mention.


I just discovered this feature and am excited to start using it however, it seems the “share” link is greyed out on some of my “sharable” boards and I can’t figure out why. Any ideas? Is the Share function documented anywhere?

Hi @bswersey - double check that you are an Owner of the boards.