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The fact that we get a “This action is not supported yet” message when trying to share a calendar view of a board gives me great hope, but I can’t find any information on the ETA for this functionality so I thought I would share what I plan to use this awesome functionality for when it becomes available.

I work at an HMIS Lead Agency which means my agency manages a database that all homelessness service providers in our county use to track information about the clients they serve and the services they provide. We submit multiple reports every year to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and we create multiple reports to track our progress as a community.

We send out “corrections” to the agencies who use our database pretty often, and we are trying to develop a calendar to map out when they can expect to receive these documents. Corrections involve sometimes very meticulous checking of physical files against the database so they can be quite a time sink for the agencies.

I plan to publish the calendar view below (after I’ve cleaned it up, I just discovered the calendar view today!) with a legend for the color meanings on our website. Built in legends would be great for the public version of calendars.

The ability to support filtering by column types that are currently not supported such as text would also be helpful. For example, it would be helpful for our agencies to be able to filter by a “Project Type” column so that they only see items that apply to project types that they operate. Right now you can see items for “PPR Corrections - Street Outreach,” “PPR Corrections - Transitional Housing,” and on one date “PPR - Rapid Rehousing” which indicates that project type’s report publication date. Our agencies would appreciate being able to filter for “Street Outreach” so that the "PPR Corrections - Transitional Housing, and “PPR - Rapid Rehousing” items do not appear since they would not be relevant. I understand that filtering by an end user may interfere with the board for everyone viewing it and us though.

Hey Casey - thanks for sharing that’s awesome!

So happy to hear you’re enjoying using and it’s assisting your company.

Could you send over a screenshot of your board? Without seeing it, the references you make to certain things in the board is difficult to understand? :pray:

Hi Julia,

Sorry about that, I can see the attached screenshot in my original post. Here it is uploaded to imgur:

Hi @caseyparnis

The feature is still being tested and it will be available very soon so watch this space :slight_smile:


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