"Shift selected items by days" incompatible with dependencies

Hi there :v:

I’m trying to duplicate large (50+ items) groups with a lot of dependencies, then shift the new group’s entire timeline to a later or earlier starting date.

When I select all in the group and shift selected items by x days, the dates do not shift equally for all items. I’m assuming this is because the dates are automatically changing one by one down the column, which increases the date gap between dependency items.

It seems to work okay if I select only items without dependencies, but this is not a viable solution for the volume of items I need to duplicate and shift.

Forgive me if I’m explaining this badly, or if there’s a solution I don’t know about - I am new to Monday and trying to work out if it will be viable for us. This issue, and the already discussed problem regarding duplicated group dependencies Dependencies in groups are duplicated absolut and not relative are deal breakers for us :confused:

I’d really appreciate any advice anyone can offer.