Shortcut for Checklist Functionality - PLEASE CAN WE HAVE IT?!


I work for a marketing agency and we use a board to manage all of our design tasks. Each task has a unique pulse. The designers and project managers are frequently communicating via updates and replies to updates on each pulse throughout the week.

To keep us organized, we mandate that ONLY designers create new update threads within the tool, and then project managers post feedback by replying to that update. It works really well, but our project managers are annoyed that they can’t leverage the amazing checklist functioanlity when they are replying to an update as opposed to creating a new update.

We figured out that we can add numbered and bulleted lists in replies via keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl + Shift + 7 and Ctrl + Shift + 8), but there doesn’t seem to be a shortcut for checklists!



Yes I second this! Our team has been needing to create brand new updates to leverage the checklist feature :frowning:

I super agree with this! I love the checklist functionality so much, and I wish it was available everywhere that rich text is available, especially in the Info Box so that it can be copied when an item is duplicated.


This is related to an earlier feature request back in June that all Replies should have the same rich formatting options, including checklists, as the Updates boxes.

What was the design criteria for Replies to be restricted to plain text?

Is there any reason that this cannot be implemented soon?

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback and also @JohnW for linking to that other topic :slight_smile:

We’ll pass this along to our product team for consideration but right now it’s not something we have planned.

Will do our best to show the value it would add for all of you!

Let us know if you have any further feedback! So we’re stuck with plain text replies to Updates for the foreseeable future?

For now, yes. We’ve added it to the cheese board here for that task force to prioritize and push but I can’t do more than that!