Show actual date instead of how many days ago

Hi everyone,

I am not sure what terms I should be searching for and therefore don’t know whether this question might already be answered.

My problem is: There are some instances where monday informs me about activity - for example in the protocol - by showing me how many days or month ago it happened.

Is there a setting in which I can switch this to an actual date?

Thanks for your help!


I don’t think there is such a setting.
This annoys me as well. And the workaround is hovering your mouse right on top of the “2d” or “5m” indication, then the real date will pop up.


thank you. At least there is a way to view the actual date.

@noysegal as I can’t reply to a closed topic, I’ll answer this way: I am primarily referring to the activity protocol. (But I am almost certain that I have seen the same display elsewhere.) There you can only see the Date like “1D” “3M” unless hovering.

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Hey @dk_NFroehlich, thanks for reaching out! Noy here from the team :slight_smile:

Would you mind clarifying which specific part of the platform you are referring to here? I’ll be happy to send this over as a feature request once receiving this additional information, so we can see exactly what you’re looking for here!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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