Show all status column labels in filter menu – including unused labels

This is a request for way to configure a view with specific filtering options – even if no items on the board currently match that criteria.

The problem is that, in the current filters interface, you can only select some filter options if they exist on at least one item on the board.


Let’s say you have a Main Table with a Status column
And one of the labels in that column is called “Approved”
And you want to save a view which is essentially a saved search like:

“All items that are assigned to Jane where Status equals ‘Approved’”

But if Jane does not have any items in the table with a status of “Approved” then you cannot create the view because the “Approved” label does not appear as a clickable option in the Filter menu.

Create a temporary item, assign it to Jane and set Status of “Approved”. Then set filter options to match that item, and save as a view. Then, delete the temporary item.


Hi @ddsawyer - Welcome to the community! Your workaround is the way to go. Once you build the filter, it will still be available even if nothing currently fits the criteria. The usability reason why the Advanced filters options don’t include every potential selection, like statuses that are not presently in use, is to help keep the UI streamlined and focused on only what you need.

In some cases you can use the Quick Filtering setup instead. You can use that method even if the option is not currently in use (the one that looks like this, which you get to by clicking on the funnel icon instead of the dropdown arrow)

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