Show app's pricing and details in app share link

There’s a share app link accessible via the Manage->Share section of a developed app. This link lets customers add the app to their account easily, which is great.

The issue is, my customers are having a hard time determining the pricing for the app before adding it to their account. So they add the app to their account, not realizing it just has a free trial and costs money. Even after they add the app to their account, it takes more non-intuitive clicks to determine the pricing for the app.

I’ve had customers email me after adding the app trying to figure out what the pricing is because they couldn’t find it.

It would be great if monday was more up-front about the cost of an app that is shared via the app share link. In addition, it would be great if the share link led to the app’s details page in their account, so customers can learn more about it instead of immediately requesting them to add it to their account. If the link could open the app’s page in the marketplace for their currently logged-in account, or show a public page (which includes pricing) if they’re not logged in, that would be ideal.


Hello there @PluginGenie,

I have created a request for this :smile:

Thank you for the suggestion!


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