Show Overdue Items in Calendar View

It’s becoming a critical need for our team to be able to see overdue items in the Calendar View. I’m surprised that it isn’t an option already. All we would need is the same red exclamation point icon as displayed on the Board view in the Due Date column to show that the item is past due.


Also being able to filter by due date would be very helpful please - if we could filter in Monday to see just the overdue items, as well as due today/this week/this month would it easier to set priorities as things often change.

Do you mean in the Calendar View? If not these types of filters already exist. We use them at the start of our marketing meetings to adjust dates and priorities for overdue items and ones coming due before our next meeting.

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Hi Krishele,

Please could you show me how to filter for this?

There’s a filter/tornado shaped button to the right of the search bar on the board view. If you click that you’ll have the ability to set up and view a filter. There’s also some support articles but unfortunately I’m out of the office, and can’t remember my password for Monday so can’t grab the link. But just search for filters on and I’m sure you’ll find them.

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Oh you’re a star I can’t believe I missed this - it seems so logical now haha! Thank you very much!!


But you can’t filter this way on a dashboard which is limiting…

True, we’re aware of the limitations on the filter of the dashboard widgets right now but we plan to make the filters more advanced in the future so watch this space :slight_smile:!

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