Show Pulse Title in Notifications

One of my biggest issues with Monday is that notifications are not very helpful at a glance. When I get a notification, the first thing I want to know is what pulse it’s associated with, but that isn’t visible when I open the notifications window. Instead, I see "@person mentioned you in a new update “First bit of text in that message chain…”. None of that information is useful for me at a glance. I have no idea what pulse it’s related to, what the actual message is, etc.

Instead, I’d really love to see what pulse it’s part of up top, and then the beginning of the actual message they just wrote, since that’s the actual information that is new.

Even if this is something that you could turn on in the settings, I’d love to see this implemented. Right now, it’s really hard for me to prioritize what notifications I should look at first because I can’t tell what they’re related to or what the message is without clicking on each one.