Show total number of items from one board on another board in the same workspace

Thanks in advance for any help I can get here…

I have a board that I have integrated with Eventbrite to accept registrations for a workshop. I have another board that has a listing of all the workshops that we run in a year. What I would like to do is count the number of total items from the registration board and transplant that number into the workshop listing board so that we can see how many registrations we have for a certain workshop at all times from the workshop listing board. So if for one workshop I have 40 registrants (items), I would want to see on the workshop listing board (my yearly calendar) that there are 40 people registered for that particular workshop.

I know that I can create a formula column on the registration board to count those registrations and then mirror that column onto the workshop listing board, but that is a little messy. Is there an easier/cleaner way to do this?

Hey Mike!

What immediately stands out to me is using a dashboard with some charting to show event registration numbers, and then even overlaying this data to compare the different events?

If this is of no help could you please elaborate on your ‘workshop listing board’? Perhaps even a/some screenshots?

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I can see the need here, where I want one board to count the number of items in other boards. IE I want to see teh number of tasks in a project plan board, on that projects line in my portfolio board, which has a line for each project