Sidebar Improvements to avoid Overwhelmed New Users

Hi all,

As my description of this is quite long, I’ve added a TL:DR to summarise my ideas.


  • Add spacers to the sidebar, to help organise boards in more readable ways for new users
  • Collapse folders by default to avoid overwhelming amounts of boards being shown all at once to new users
  • Remove the unclickable gap between the arrow and the folder name in the sidebar

Newish user here.
Me and my company have recently purchased and rolled out to our team, with more departments within the company being enrolled into our account soon. One thing I’ve noticed is that new users, especially the less tech savvy ones, can often be overwhelmed and consequently put off of by the volume of information shown on screen at once.

When you understand the structure of the site and how it works, it’s a lot easier to understand but that initial shock factor-like feeling that new users seem to get is something I’m looking at trying to reduce in order to reduce the learning curse required for

While a minor addition, I think add spacers to the left side bar would help with this massively. While folders help a lot, having spacers in the sidebar would massively help the site to look less overwhelming when first looking at is, as I would be able to split up boards based on ones the server a similar purpose.

Additionally, if folders were, by default, collapsed, this would also help to simplify the sidebar where there are a lot of boards and dashboards. The structure of my team’s main workspace is simple to understand, but by having all the folders expanded the first time you see the site, means I have to tell each user that collapsing the folders will make the structure a lot clearer, as it turns 30 items on the sidebar to 6, more easily understandable groups.

Finally, I have a very minor bug which I hit surprisingly often - theres a slight gap between the arrow and the name of a folder, which if you click in between, means the folder doesn’t toggle.

Thanks :slight_smile: