Signing attached files

We use MC in the approval process of payment requests. We think it would be awesome if you added ability to sign documents. We are not particular on the doc. E.g., if it is hard for you to add integration that would enable us to sign a MS Word doc, we would likewise be content signing a PDF. At the moment I have to save doc in Google drive. Add that file to the Item. Then open file in another app called Lumin PDF, sign and sync. Major hassle and added time. Another option would to be to add a security feature that requires pin (or some other secure mechanism) to change status of a request to “approved”

Hi @Peterss ,
Check out OP.Sign on the marketplace.

OP.Sign has over 1,400 organisations using its app to eSign documents and generate eSignature workflows in one click, directly from the monday boards.
The app support eSignatures on top of Google Docs, MS word and PDF, from your local drive, Box, OneDrive etc. you choose…

All the hassle and time overhead you described can be saved!

Boaz from OP.Sign (disclaimer)