Simple Google Sheets Integration

Hey y’all! :crystal_ball:

I’ve been working with some clients recently who wanted to come up with custom Google Sheets integrations. To give them a taste of our API, I came up with a quick and dirty script to show them how they would send data from Google Sheets to text columns in


The example below will connect a Google Sheet to a board, such that every time an item is changed in Google Sheets, the data will update in

This is a super quick example, so treat this as a jumping-off point for more complicated integrations!

Setting up the example

To start, you’ll want a Google Sheet with a header row:

Then, create a board that has a text column that corresponds to each column in the Google Sheet:

Next, you will need to install this Google Script as an add-on to your Google Sheet. You may need to consult the Google Scripts API reference for more information on adding the script to your Google Sheet.

Finally, you’ll need to change some variables to correspond to your environment. Add your API key to line 2, change the board ID on line 5, and update the array on line 8.



Hi Dipro,

How do you get this to trigger and for clarity did you create this as an addon or Marco with an onedit trigger ?

Hey Johnathon! I created this as an add-on for simplicity, but I think you could do it with an onEdit trigger too. I had to create the script and then add it to the Google Sheet as an installable trigger. is there a way to get this to work with other column types other than text?

Hey I was able to do some really interesting stuff with your code snippet as a starting point, Google apps scripts, and Automations.

thanks !

This is great - are there any scripts where Sheets can simply fetch the values in a Monday board, almost like an IMPORTRANGE in Sheets? Would love to be able to have a mirrored version in sheets, but want all updates/editing to be done in Monday. Sheets would just be a “public view”.