Simultaneous time tracking

Bumping this. Has there been any updates that I’m not aware of?

Have been recently trying to move away from Xero and into for time-tracking, but seeing threads like this is very worrying. We are currently using the subitems time tracking workaround, which will work for gathering all time on a task for different people to share with a client.
The most annoying things so far are that the sub items time tracking does not show in the time tracking dashboard widget, and so there is no high level view on who is logging time, and the fact that subitems disappear when moved to another board.
I understand there are some partner apps coming out soon (Need an expert for an intricate Time Sheet Tracking For Employees - #29 by Thomas-Omnitas) and that more sub items updates are around the corner. But even with those, I feel like everything is a workaround on top of a workaround. Time tracking clearly not a priority for, even though it is for the companies it advertises to.
Happy to learn from others on how they solve this issues.

@george_planit I totally respect and understand where you are coming from. This is exactly why we decided t o develop our time reporting app. With the app you will get full Harest and toggl functionality inside of without need to integrate anything.

Time tracking and reporting is rather complex. With the ability to integrate most time reporting tools monday has focused on deploying the rather simple time tracking column for those organisations that doesn’t need full functionality.

Feel free to sign up for our beta to test the current version of the app:
Currently we have a module for planning and a module for reporting.
the last features are being developed as we speak and we are tracking a 1.0 release second half of june.

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Any update on this? This is a MAJOR issue for our organization, and a huge shortcoming of Monday. We switched to this platform in an attempt to streamline what technology we were using, not to add more apps. Is Monday going to find a solution to this for companies that don’t want to learn a new partner app?

Some of you may find the approach I’m using helpful:

A single Time Tracking board where people create sessions that link to any relevant items (thanks multiboard!) and which can also take #tags, like Toggl.

Video makes it clearer:

More friction than simply clicking play/pause on an item.

But quite flexible and scalable, and easy to keep to track of what you’re tracking and report on it.