Single consolidated Kanban view required for multiple projects

A single view of all tasks across all projects is required for daily standups and resource management.

There is a Kanban view per “Full Product Development” template. But one cannot view a consolidated kanban board of all tasks for multiple kanban boards. I therefore cannot display a single Kanban board in daily standups for different teams working on different projects where tasks are created in multiple “Full Product Development” templates.

I’m trying to manage multiple projects at a time and love the dashboard option but the one MAJOR missing piece is the ability to create a kanban widget to consolidate the individual boards. Kanban is my favorite way to view assigned items but I’m unable to get the consolidated view I need, which makes it hard to prioritize tasks across projects when there is 1 owner. I don’t think I’m the first to request this but had a hard time finding similar posts. Thank you!!!


100% agree with this, the Kanban view is ideal for dashboards and sadly not available.

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Is this ever coming? Just noticed now that the Kanban is not available for dashboards… sad!

Same question as here: Kanban View Across Multiple Boards
This is not the first obvious functionality that is missing. I really regret even trying Monday out at this point, and will see if I can get back to e.g. Wrike

This would be a very useful feature @Kyliehuberman @shakedt can we get this added to the product list for next release

This is definitely needed. I also have requested this feature. Following the status of this and hope that it is implemented very soon!

Definitely something that I’m looking for. I work across multiple projects and I am trying to use My Work to see all my work, but would prefer to visualize it using Kanban. Failing that just having a way of combining multiple boards into a Kanban would work for me.

Hello @cfreemansa ,

We’ve been working on an app to show Items across multiple boards on a common kanban board. Its a dashboard widget that works when you have a similar status column ( similar names and states ) across multiple boards.

Here’s a short demo of the app

Unified kanban view for

Sign up here if you want to be notified when this launches on the marketplace - Sign up for early access to the Multi Board Kanban app :white_check_mark: .

Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow , is there any news about the app ?

Hi @Julia1 ,

We are planning to launch a beta on 15th of Jan. it might take a few weeks from there to officially list on the marketplace.

If you’re open to trying the beta version and sharing your feedback, please to sign up here - Sign up for early access to the Multi Board Kanban app ✅

Hey Folks,

Super stoked to announce the beta of Multi board kanban view. Highly appreciate any feedback. The beta version will be available until our app is listed on the marketplace.

This also shows subitems as separate cards ( as long as they have similar status labels )

To share your feedback, use the live chat in the app, write to me at, or leave a comment on this forum

As a thank you for trying it out and sharing your feedback

  • You’ll get a 20% off, once this app is listed on the marketplace
  • We’ll prioritise any feature requests

Useful links:

Click here to install the beta app on your workspace

Click here to watch a demo video

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Hi all :slight_smile:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Kanbanify app in the marketplace!

Kanbanify streamlines your workflow by connecting multiple boards to one powerful Kanban view where you can add filters to prioritize your/your teams work and stay focused. You can also combine subitems as separate cards in one Kanban view.

There is also a free plan to get you started!

This is just the beginning! We’re constantly adding new features based on your feedback. Let us know what you think and suggest features you’d love to see!

Thank you,

Stela (Head of marketing)