Single consolidated Kanban view required for multiple projects

A single view of all tasks across all projects is required for daily standups and resource management.

There is a Kanban view per “Full Product Development” template. But one cannot view a consolidated kanban board of all tasks for multiple kanban boards. I therefore cannot display a single Kanban board in daily standups for different teams working on different projects where tasks are created in multiple “Full Product Development” templates.

I’m trying to manage multiple projects at a time and love the dashboard option but the one MAJOR missing piece is the ability to create a kanban widget to consolidate the individual boards. Kanban is my favorite way to view assigned items but I’m unable to get the consolidated view I need, which makes it hard to prioritize tasks across projects when there is 1 owner. I don’t think I’m the first to request this but had a hard time finding similar posts. Thank you!!!

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100% agree with this, the Kanban view is ideal for dashboards and sadly not available.

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Is this ever coming? Just noticed now that the Kanban is not available for dashboards… sad!

Same question as here: Kanban View Across Multiple Boards
This is not the first obvious functionality that is missing. I really regret even trying Monday out at this point, and will see if I can get back to e.g. Wrike

This would be a very useful feature @Kyliehuberman @shakedt can we get this added to the product list for next release

This is definitely needed. I also have requested this feature. Following the status of this and hope that it is implemented very soon!