Single Group Per Board Dropdown

In a widget that I have created I want the users to select a single group. I have added the field to my widget’s settings and in the developer preview mode for the widget the setting shows up as a drop down. This is the functionality I want.


When going to a live dashboard the exact same widget changes the group selector from a drop down to a checkbox selector.

I was wondering if there was some unknown interaction that is causing this, if the drop down was never meant to show up on a live dashboard or maybe that this is a bug. I do have two group selectors in the widget settings and both have the “Single group per board only” property checked.

If anyone could help, that would be great.

Hey @tcleary – that’s strange. Thanks for posting here.

Can you give us a step-by-step guide to reproducing this issue? I want to try and test this on my demo account and figure out the root cause.

A video with that goes through your configuration would also be amazing, if possible :slight_smile:

Here is the setup:

Here is me adding the widget:

Hey @tcleary,
thanks for the videos, helped us to understand the issue.
We will work on a fix for that.

Hi @Ben and @tcleary ,
Any news on the fix? This issue have been blocking my widget for months now! Did you find any workaround to select a single group ?