Single seat for $14/mo

I am requesting that there is a single-seat option for freelancers/solopreneurs. I believe that if you put out a survey among those businesses that you would see a massive uptick in users.

You could structure it this way:

Only let 1 seat able to buy the Basic or Standard plans.
1 seat: $15/mo
3 seats: $27/mo

1 seat: $19/mo
3 seats: $36/mo

By doing this, you would have people who need 2 seats automatically jump to a 3-seat plan because it would be adding value by making it $9/seat or $12/seat thereby, increasing your profit margins and providing more value to those businesses. Also by structuring the seats this way, you’re showing that your business is supporting freelancers and solopreneurs that want to functionality of Monday and are able to afford it.