Slack integration using Zendesk fields

I have noticed that it is not possible to provide a Zendesk Ticket ID obtained through the Zendesk integration in a slack channel using the Slack integration

It is possible in the Slack integration to select the column containing the Zendesk Ticket ID as part of the message but no value is present in the message that is posted in Slack

Hi, @Stu - Nice to see you back here in the community. We’ve used Integromat with (and without) the standard Zendesk integration to get additional functionality. I think you’ll be able to do what you like if you add that to the mix.

Thanks, I’d prefer to use the existing integrations if possible, rather than integromat or Zendesk.

This feels like more of a bug than anything, the field I want to post in slack is an option I can choose, somewhere along the line that information is failing to end up in slack