Smarter Dashboards: Intelligent Column Matching for Widgets

The Short Version

I want dashboards to scale quicker by intelligently matching the columns for boards that I add to the dashboard based off past selections.

The Long Version

I use dashboards in conjunction with board templates to collate matching datasets across multiple projects for a bird’s eye view of how they’re performing. Specifically with project budgets.

All of these boards have the same columns and column names. My frustration comes when I add a new board and have to relink the columns for that board on 4+ widgets. It takes a lot of time, and is very annoying, especially when it’s the same columns for every board!

When adding a new board, if the dashboard could quickly scan the column names and types of that board and link to them in the widgets – attempting to match the name and type of the column most often linked from other boards for the respective widget setting – rather than the first column in the index, it would speed my work OS up considerably.

If this isn’t already a common use-case, I’m sure that by implementing it, you can make a more efficient workflow for rolling out dashboards to different organizations.