Solo/two seat options for Paid Plans - Upgrade Individual (1-2 Seat) Account

+1 for a single person / 2 seat plan. Currently a one-person show here but would love to be able to use all the features without paying $81 AUD / month for 2 seats that I don’t use yet!

Came across this thread whilst pondering over the same issue. We’re a small UK business that is operated by 1 person (me). I needed some software to help with order management and scheduling so signed up to the trial and the product is perfectly meeting my needs.

Now the trial is about to come to an end, I am forced to sign up to a 3 seat plan.

I spoke to monday about it but they said it’s basically just the way it is and they couldn’t help.

I even illustrated how clickup were offering me to sign up for their individual plan at just $5 a month, with many more features than even their $9 plan (which at 3 seat min works out to $27).

I think is missing a big trick here as I imagine a lot more individuals would be signing up at that kind of pricing.

As for me, I’ll likely be reluctantly moving off of due to the pricing structure