(Solved) Is there a way to automatically create subitems when new item is created?

We have a new board were I think subitems would work well. But I immediately ran into the issue of wanting to create a list of subitems everytime a new item is added to a board.

Does anyone know how to do this?


yeah, as a template.


Unless I’m missing something, that does not add automatically add the sub items when a new item is added.

Please show me how I’m wrong.

For anyone who is interested, I created an Integromat scenario to solve this issue. It’s not too bad in terms of complexity. I made it to work being called from any board.

When the user adds an item, the template is copied, renamed to the name the user entered and then the original entered item is deleted.

This is how it works:

An item, “template”, is created in the board and the desired initial subitems are added to it. I put this in it’s own group at the bottom of the board.

This integration is added to call the scenario.

These are the scenario steps:

  1. Get Webhook
  2. Stop If Item already has subitems
  3. Get the “template” ID
  4. Stop if no “template”
  5. Duplicate the “template” Item (done with a direct https API call because this is not yet implemented in Integromat)
  6. Rename the duplicate item
  7. Move it to the correct group
  8. Delete the user entered item

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It would be really great if there was a more built-in way to do this! I would like to be able to use templates for sets of subitems, too.

Hi JCorrel,

I’m really interested in your solution based on Integromat. I would really appreciate if you could share with us this Blueprint json.
Thank you very much!


I’m not completely comfortable sharing the JSON since I would have to edit out our private info (and my scenario is much more complex now). But, I’m good with giving any needed details. Do you have any specific questions?


I thought that you (or others) might be interested in the changes I made to ours. This is the updated scenario diagram:

The biggest change was that I added processing to set due date values on the subitems. For the dates, it takes today’s date and adds the day of the year on the subitem minus 1 and puts the result back into the subitem. This allows the template subitems to control the due dates as offsets from when the new item is created.

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