Some Desired Changes

The API V2 has been great and far less limiting. There are however some things that I feel are missing and would like to share and maybe discuss them here.

I believe the most important one is to have a way to recieve items based on last updated date. This is already a date column type and could be achieved either by adding a new query or allowing us to sort based on dates with the existing items_by_column_values which could be useful for other things as well.

Another important need of mine is the ability to delete updates. I would like to be able to have some cleanup routines that can completely manage notes of items and the inability to delete them prevents this.

The ability to have hidden meta data that is not easily edited by the user can prove convenient for numerous situations where we have users editing data that is needed by our client to keep track of certain things.

A type field for column_values would be very convenient. I currently find the id, then search through the board columns to find a match to get the type.

These are just some nit picky changes I would love to see. Overall the API is great.

Hey @jchapman – thanks for the wonderful feedback! I’m going to pass this along to our devs so we can take a look and add your requests to the backlog for consideration.