Some new boards show up on the web, but not in the API

has anyone had this happen before? the boards exist on the web app, I can query the board if I specify its ID (I can also query items from that board by specifying their IDs). but when I want to discover boards by just querying : query{boards{id name}} these new boards just don’t show up in the response body

Hi @jaacquees

To be honest, never experienced that. Are you not hitting the (default) limit for number of boards returned through the API. I believe the default is 25

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Hey @jaacquees :wave: That does sound quite odd!

To be transparent with you, I echo @basdebruin’s sentiment here, since you’ve mentioned you are able to query the boards by looking for their specific IDs. I would really love to know if querying with a higher limit than the default 25 does the trick for you :slight_smile:

@basdebruin thanks for jumping in and sharing your insight here! I appreciate you always being there to help.


Indeed that was it. I tried adding a page:2 argument to the boards query and, boom!, there were all my new boards.

This is the first I hear of this default limit. It can be problematic when querying the API programmatically:

How does one know which types of queries have such a default limit and what that limit is?

If one has to program around it, does it mean a code (or config) change if these default limits are ever changed by Monday?


Thanks for the helpful responsiveness as ever…

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@jaacquees I’m glad to hear that did the trick!

That’s a great point - I believe those limits and default values are stated in our API Docs, and you can also see those in the API playground within the platform directly:

I do believe applying a pagination logic to your code would usually be the easiest and the best long-term solution to this, since your code wouldn’t have to change that much even if we change the default values. Perhaps someone can share a solution they have already used before, but I think something along the lines of the guide below would work:


Thanks @AlexSavchuk. Are there default limits in collections of items, or items_by_column_values? This is more important for me than collections of boards.

@jaacquees You could look that up within our documentation, or on the API Playground directly simply by looking for the relevant query. For example:

That would lead you to see more information about this query, for example:

In items_by_column_values, as far as I know, it is not possible to query columns that can have more than 1 value at a time, for example, if multiple people are assigned. You can find more information on the subject in this community thread as well: