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I am currently working on a financial control board. This is linked to various time tracking boards which after a lot of try and error now works quite good. The hours tracked for a person multiplied by an hourly rate gives money spend per cost center. I want to set up an automation that sets the hourly rate into a number column like “when person is assigned to someone set number to”. Another automation sets person as the tracking person, thus no manual input would be required to set up the cost calculation. However, I was suprised not to find the custom automation “when person is assigned as someone…” as it seems so basic. Did I miss something? Help is highly appreciated.

Once finalized I am most happy to share our time tracking and cost controlling system as many people seem to struggle with it.

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No I think you are correct in that you can’t set up an automation to watch for specific people being assigned. I remember running into this previously and I think the scenario was different and the workaround was able to avoid this problem.

But there is a workaround. You will need the install the free App “General Caster” from the marketplace.

You will then need your teams ID #s, which can be sent as text to Person Columns which will then populate the right person. Which means you will need the ID of the person you want to assign generated somehow in order to automate it. This can also be done though General Caster through a switch formula for example.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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