Sort bounced emails

Im trying to build out a automated email machine for our company. Ive completed it and it tracks everything except when an email bounces. The only solution ive found for this is adding and addition email field and including the email and then having the item move when the gmail linked receives a email from this address. Im facing two issues. How do I make monday realize what email caused this, which I think I can fix by having monday look for the email field used for the initial email because it will be in the response from google, second issue is I have to manually add this email into every single item that goes through the email campaign. Is there a way for me to have monday have this field filled whenever a Item is created? I havent found one yet.

Hey @camdaty14,

To confirm, for the emails you’re sending out in the campaign, are you logging the email addresses in the board? For example do you have a specific email column with each contacts email populated for each item? I ask this as you could set up the following process:

  1. Create a secondary email column (as you have already done), and customise item default values to have populate a secondary email column, every time an item is created,

  2. Set up the gmail integration below to log any email that is received from as an update? This way you can log the emails that bouncing for the specific contact email.

Let me know if this makes sense!