Sorting boards in gantt widget

i have two quotations about Monday Web functionality:

  • It is possible to create a team member without inviting to Monday app? our company is working with a lot of freelancer and we use Monday as a managing tool only for the management team.

  • we added a gantt widget for viewing projects timeline(every board is a project), right now the gantt is sorted by the date the board was added to the workspace(the latest board added is the lowest in the gantt). is there a way to sort the board in the gantt in a chronologically way by there timeline dates(the latest project on the timeline will be the lowest in the gantt)?

thanks Omri

Hey Omri! Sorry for the late reply here!

Every person who you want to be able to access and work within your monday account will have to be invited to the account but they can be invited as Viewers (which are always free) or Guest users (which are free but limited depending on the plan type).

If you still need assistance sorting your Gantt widget, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help with this!

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