Sorting boards with the same name


I work for a construction company that has dozens of projects with the exact same process flow. We have a workspace for each portfolio, in which we use folders to designate each building, which have the exact same boards within each folder (each project follows an identical process). For example, a workspace with 3 folders for building 1, 2, and 3, then the same boards within each building folder (ex, design, construction, closeout).

The issue I am having is with higher level boards that mirror columns from the individual building boards. As of now, when I go to mirror a column, unless the board has the building name in it, I have no way of knowing which “design” board is which. Is there any way to select boards based off the folder they are in?

Ideally, we would not have to include the building name in the name of the board in order to know which board is which. Let me know if anyone has advice, or if I can clarify anything. Thanks in advance!