Sorting Views on a Board

It would be really useful if had the functionality to allow the views created on a board to be able to be moved in a ‘click n drop’ manner, in the same way that items, sub items, group, etc can be.

This feature would be really useful for us too.

The way we do it right now is duplicating the views, then deleting the old ones.

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@rramirezz, @Alastair_Foggo

You might find this helpful: Change Views Order - MMM - YouTube

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Thank you @JCorrell this could be a temporary solution. We can implement this until we have something permanent and that doesn’t depend on the users.

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Thanks for this.




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Simply changing the order the tabs are being displayed would be very useful indeed.

Going one step further, personal views, which only apply to the account viewing a board. I’d like to hide content/views not relevant to the role/job, but not affecting views meant or created for the whole team.

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