Special charcter in create_item in text our long text

Hello everybody,

We are having a problem (error 500 returned by mondays serves) when using “mutation” and filling text or long text columns with API.
We have an external form (one of our website) filled by users (producer, author…).
This contains summary and logline (text fields), user can write in or copy&paste text.
When submtted, this form is loaded into Monday with the API and we have an erro 500 when the text contains some characters.

Smileys or others special characters are not supported !

We need to have the complete list of characters (all of them) that are not supported by Monday ?

Can someone give it to us or tell us where we cn find this list ?

Thank you

Hello @Marc_Furberg,

Would you be able to please send over the complete exact mutation you are trying to send which is failing?

Hi Matias,

For the moment we are not able to reproduce it, i will let you know

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Sounds good @Marc_Furberg !