Specialist Wanted for Inventory Project

We are looking for a specialist to help us create an advanced workflow. This would involve a template which would be used to create a Bill of Material which would be connected to a series of “Master” boards which would track inventory as it flows thru its entire lifecycle - Procurement (Ordering), Logistics (Waiting for it), Inventory (Stocking and Allocating), and Installation (Removal from Inventory). All while maintaining the status reflected in the original Template based Board.

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Hi @heyalec,
I am happy to jump on a free scoping session with you to better understand your required workflow. We were awarded the APAC Partner of the Year 2020 for our excellent services towards Monday users. You can reach out to me via email oliver@jtscloud.com! Speak to you soon, Oliver

@heyalec welcome to the monday.com community! lots of great folks and resources here to help you on your setup and journey.

I would be happy to do a free call to discuss your use-case and needs to see if my services can meet the needs that your company is looking for.

I have worked with multiple clients on complex workflows, automatic linking, tracking, and updating processes and lifecycles.
if you are interested please drop me an email at tim@timlittletech.com. I look forward to discussing your use-case!


@heyalec Welcome to the community! You have certainly come to the right place as the monday communities are full of fantastic and knowledgeable experts to help you with your needs.

We have built numerous master/child/overview templates for clients that appear to fit your needs quite well. Sometimes it’s a bit of a mind-shift in thinking but the overall implementation gives you a one stop shop for reporting and dashboards.

If you would like to discuss more feel free to DM me here, or check us out online to learn a little more about what we do!


Hi Alec,
This is something that is well within my skill set and I would be interested in hearing more on what you are wanting done.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Hi, @heyalec - Welcome to the community! As you can see, there is no shortage of enthusiastic, awesome monday․com partners here to help you create and optimize your workflows. If you haven’t found the perfect partner yet for your needs, I’d love to chat with you to learn more about your business and desired inventory processes.

At Polished Geek, we have a team of monday․com consultants, automation experts and business process re-engineering specialists to ensure you get a great result that is aligned to your specific needs. You can book a time with us here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com


I’ve specialised in Monday.com for three years now and love the software! I also have a background in management and projects, allowing me to streamline my clients’ processes with ease! On my team, I also have another Monday specialist, project manager and a developer/Zapier expert, so you will never have to wait for answers.


So many great partners to choose from here at monday.com. If you’d like to talk to my team we would be happy to do an intro call with you. jenna.mackillop@iointegration.com We love talking to customers about monday.com! – Jenna and the IOI Monday Team

Did anything come of this? I am interested in knowing if Monday can handle inventory management that is tied into order fulfillment. Thanks.

Hey there @panders99,

I think your solution might be possible and I’d appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a free consultation to see what might be possible. CarbonWeb has been partnering with companies to improve their monday.com experience from top-to-bottom and we enjoy seeing our client’s workflow dreams become a reality.

If a consultation is something you wish to explore please schedule some time with me here: Ricky - Calendly

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Ricky Tomer

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I sent an invite to the email that Mitch gave me to join my workspace.